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Our team of chartered certified accountants will provide specialized accounting and financial services to you and your business as well as undertake any internal accounting projects you may have.

Audit & Assurance Services

Our Audit Services aim to assist all types of businesses meet their objectives by providing higher understanding of business systems that will improve their overall performance and profitability.

Accounting Services

Through our Accounting Services we aim to provide a clear evaluation of the economic situation of a company with daily support on all accounting and specialized financial management work.

Tax Services

Our team of qualified professionals will assist in the management of complicated taxes, reduce tax burden and maximize financial returns whilst ensuring strict compliance to tax policies.

Corporate & Administration Services

We deal with a wide range of administrative operations, management consulting and payroll operations to relief our clients from these time-consuming tasks and focus on their primary business activities.

Investment Fund Services & Startup Projects

Our funds professionals and associates are experienced to assist on investment fund legal services across all asset classes, including formation and structuring, capital raising and investment management arrangements.

Immigration Services

A number of programmes have been put in place by the government to that entitles non-Cypriots the right to obtain Cyprus citizenship or Cyprus Residence Permits.